And it's functional!

You know I'm a bad blogger, right?

I never take before pictures even though there's always this moment where I go "you know what self? You should take a before picture." and then I go "NO! That's too much pressure! Why are you always PRESSURING ME?!" and then I'm all "CALM DOWN, WEIRDO."

Do you see what I'm dealing with here?

Anyway - here are the after pictures of my spray painted thrift store frames - I think they look awesome!

And last, but not least - my husband, J.D. was nice enough to Vanna White them for me:
What d'ya think?

I got tired of only having this one, so I made this one:

Here is a Boutique Bag that I made from Tangled Happy's Granny Stripe Boutique Bag Pattern, modified to fit my netbook..
I thought about adding a pocket to the front for my phone, but I like what the stitches look like so much that I just left it naked.

This is the first one I attempted using Tangled Happy's pattern:
Obviously, I have to make another one now, because the girls think anything pink belongs to them. Which is true. Duh.

My newest project - a giant granny square blanket. I plan on making this one big enough to snuggle up under on the couch.

The black yarn is not reclaimed, but the teal/aqua colors are reclaimed from a sweater (that I did not get pictures of because I am a bad blogger). Here's a picture with Jack to show you the scale. And by 'show you the scale', I mean 'show off my cute red-head'.

Remember this Skinny Scarf? I just listed it on Lista, to see how it works.

Apparently, you start out with a certain amount of 'points' and that's what you use to bid on the auctions. Then you list your stuff and get how-ever many points that auction ends with, and spend those points on more stuff. Like Ebay, only without money.. sounds like a good place for me to waste LOTS of time.

Go check it out, and bid on my Skinny Scarf - if its as awesome as it sounds, I will start listing ALL of my junk -er, I mean 'stuff'.

Also - leave your Listia username in the comments so I can be a fan!

Auctions for free stuff at
Haha.. lets sit for just a second and think about the traffic that this title will attract.

Ok. That's enough.

I have been working on this throw for, like, ever. At least a year. Every time I think I'm done with it, I come across it and remember how much I like it and decide its not actually done after all.
I like to work on it whenever I have anxious energy, or something on my mind, or am being particularly neurotic about something - which is often.. hence the name.

It is made out of yarn scraps from other projects, so I think it's kind of cool to look at and remember which projects I was working on at that part of the blanket. I'll keep updating as it grows.. eventually it will be bigger than my house!

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